Jagram buildings droppshiping offer

Over 2000 units sold in the UK over the last decade”

Dear Jagram Customer,

_dsc9889-edit-2_With the 2016 season slowly coming to an end we would like to provide you an insight into Jagram’s plans for 2017 and show how these will ensure extra value for your business. This upcoming season, we would like to use the knowledge we have gathered over the last 25 years, delivering a wide range of timber garden products to the UK market, in order to present something special that we believe will bring much value to your business and to your end customers:

Our broad range of highly popular JAGRAM GARDEN BUILDINGS delivered directly from our factory to your customer’s doorstep.

We’ve been supplying this range for the last couple of years, while listening carefully to customers’ opinions and we are proud to present them to you. We are capable of delivering any building within 4 weeks from our warehouse directly to end customers, a service that will provide you healthy revenue while entailing minimal risk and problems.

Customers visiting your web site will be able to appreciate the quality of our buildings, peruse the catalogue and choose the product they find most attractive. The best part is that your job ends there. Once you pass the order on to us and earn your 20% commission, there is nothing more to be done. We take care of the rest, making your life easy.

– No need to worry about credit control, no need to stock the products, and no after sales service.

– We are offering considerable discounts for display buildings, along with great looking POS.

Please take a look at the attached catalogue; we look forward to working with you in the 2017 season!

Yours sincerely

UK Market Manager

Jan Grzymala